Wilkinson Sword FAQs – Men

Whether you want a rugged, manly look, or a sleek, clean-cut appearance, shaving is one of life's necessities. To help you on your way to achieving the look you want, or to find out which razor is best for sensitive skin, Wilkinson Sword are on hand to answer your most commonly asked questions regarding male grooming techniques.

What effects does regular shaving have on men's skin?

How often should I shave?

What are your tips for achieving the perfect shave?

Disposable razors VS system razors - what are the benefits?

Wilkinson Sword FAQs – Women

Do you know your disposable razors from your electric shavers? Or maybe you're after some skin care tips on how to look and feel fabulous with silky smooth skin? Then search no further - because here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers covered by our team of beauty experts at Wilkinson Sword.

What is the recommended routine to look after legs?

How can you maintain healthy skin on your legs after shaving?

Why do people cut their legs when they shave?

When shaving, what are some of the best products to use and why?

Is it better to use other methods such as epilating or waxing?

What areas can women shave?

Should women use shave preps?

What are the reasons behind ingrown hair?

Can shaving minimise the risk of ingrown hairs?

I keep getting red spots on my legs - what is causing them?

Should you shave your bikini area?

Why shave? Isn’t waxing easier?

What about hair removal creams?

I have sensitive skin. Which razor would you recommend?

Why do I need my own razor – surely my boyfriend’s one will do?

Are there any reasons for the design differences between male and female razors?