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To wax or to shave, trim or tweak

The complete hair removal guide

There are many methods of hair removal, but what's the best way for you?


It hurts, but it works. Waxing removes the hair from the root so that regrowth gradually softens and lessens.

But prepare for the pain and the cost! You'll need to pick your moments to bare all too - as hair needs to grow to an unsightly length before you can efficiently wax it away.


Hair removal creams are relatively easy-to-use, but messy and smelly!

So make sure you're not expecting company and have plenty of time! They work by dissolving the hairs rather than tackling them at the root like waxing, so you won't get the same soft regrowth you get with waxing.


Although the results can be long-lasting, there's an initial outlay on equipment that can be quite pricey and epilating isn't known for its convenience.

Results can vary though, depending on your hair thickness and skin sensitivity, and it can be painful and irritate the skin, causing ingrown hairs or a rash.


Shaving is without doubt the fastest, easiest, cheapest and most convenient form of hair removal! It's close and quick and gives you a smooth finish in an instant.

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